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Transparency and Reproducibility


The Conference on Reproducibility and Replicability in Economics and the Social Sciences is a series of NSF-funded, virtual and in-person panels on the topics of reproducibility, replicability, and transparency in the social sciences. The purpose of scientific publishing is the dissemination of robust research findings, exposing them to the scrutiny of peers and other interested parties. Scientific articles should accurately and completely provide information on the origin and provenance of data and on the analytical and computational methods used. Yet in recent years, doubts about the adequacy of the information provided in scientific articles and their addenda have been voiced. The conferences will address the following topics: the initiation of research, the conduct of research, the preparation of research for publication, and the scrutiny after publication. Undergraduates, graduate students, and career researchers will be able to learn about best practices for transparent, reproducible, and scientifically sound research in the social sciences.

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BITSS Catalyst- Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences

  • Organized workshops that teach reproducibility and transparency in social sciences.
  • Taught Anonymization of data as well as replication techniques.
  • Taught Jupyter Notebooks portion of dynamic documents (R Markdown, Jupyter Notebooks, Stata Markdown)

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2020 BITSS RT2

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2019 REBEL Conference

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2018 BITSS Bogota

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STAAARS+ 2021: Cohort 2

Data Management Workshop

Day 1: Transparency and Reproducibility

Day 2: Data Management and GitHub

Day 3: Dynamic Documents in Python, R and Stata

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