Works in Progress

Current projects that are actively underway.

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Chris Barrett, Aleksandr Michuda, David Newhouse, Elizabeth Tennant, and Joanna Upton. “Using Data Fusion to Improve Human Capital Indicators”

Aleksandr Michuda, Abhilasha Sahay, Nivedhitha Subramanian. “H-1B Policy and Women’s Labor Force Participation: A study of the Indian Marriage Market”

Aleksandr Michuda. “Revisiting Urban Migrants’ Responses to Rural Weather Shocks.”

Aleksandr Michuda. “Rideshare Platforms with Savings Mechanisms: Implications for Urban Household Welfare.”

Brennan Antone and Aleksandr Michuda. “Transactive Memory Systems in Boda-boda Networks.”

Aleksandr Michuda and Alfredo Torrico. “The Boda Driver Adoption Decision: Centrally Planned Stages or Decentralized Matching?”

Isaac Ahimbisibwe and Aleksandr Michuda. “Ugandan Surname Prediction Validation”

Karen Ortiz-Becerra, Adriana Molina Garzon and Aleksandr Michuda. “UAVs and Emergency Medical Supply Chains.”

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